FREE MUSIC IMPULSE – a double disc compilation of 33 artists to keep Hybrida alive

Free Music Impulse è un autoproduzione (stampata in 800 copie) dell’associazione culturale Hybrida di Tarcento (Ud): una doppia compilation degli artisti che nel corso degli anni hanno suonato per Hybrida e hanno risposto al nostro invito a donare un brano per aiutarci a sostenere le spese legali che incombono sull’associazione.
Free Music Impulse è il parziale racconto di questi otto anni: lasciatevi travolgere dal flusso di suoni tra analogico, elettronico, acustico e digitale. Ciò che emerge è il nostro raccolto: una dimensione instabile frutto di scambi, contatti, relazioni che definisce questa creatura ibrida.
La potete ordinare inviando una mail a
Il costo è di 15 euro più spese di spedizione (Italia: 2,50 euro – Europa: 3,50 euro – U.S.A: 4,50 euro).

Free Music Impulse is a self production (edition of 800) of Hybrida, cultural association of Tarcento (UD – Italy). Free Music Impulse is the result of all the bands that have played at Hybrida donating a song to us to help us to pay the legal costs. Free Music Impulse is the incomplete story of these eight years. Let yourself be swept along by the flow of analogical, electronic, acoustic and digital sound. What emerges is our harvest, a unstable dimension that is the fruit of exchange, contacts and connections that define this hybrid creature.
You can order it to The cost is 15 euro plus shipping charges. (Italy: 2,50 euro – Europe: 3,50 euro – U.S.A: 4,50 euro).

Disc 1
“My Beautycase Is Full Of Bones” from the album Violent Potato (Wallace Records – Bar La Muerte, 2007). Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit in 2006. He: drums – She: guitar

02 ARBE GARBE & EUGENE CHADBOURNE“Why Kids Go To School” from The Great Prova (CPSR, 2010). Recorded live at the “Auditorium Comunale” of Pagnacco on Feb 27th during The Mala Yerba Never Dies Tour 2010. Arbe Garbe: Federico Galvani: accordion and vocals – Flavio Zanuttini: trumpet and vocals – Roberto Fabrizio: electric guitar and vocals – Giacomo Zanuttini: tuba – Marco “Padiar”Bianchini: drums. Eugene Chadbourne: banjo, electric guitar and vocals

03 ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO“Perawan Berawan” from the forthcoming album Suara Naga.

04 ART OF FLYING“Though The Light Seem Small” – from Though The Light Seem Small (Discobolus Records, 2009) Music Anne Speroni – Words David Costanza – – Anne Speroni: bass, vocals, – David Costanza: guitars, vocals, trumpet, piano – Sesshu Morgan Pappert: trombone, oud, bass-clarinet — Diana Senechal: cello – Peter Halter: drums.

05 ASABIKESHIINH“Floating” – Previously unreleased. Recorded september 2010.
Roberto Maggioni: drums, electronics – Maurizio Abate: guitar, keyboard, electronics

06 BASEBALL“Soft Boy Factory” from Animal Kingdom (Stomp Entertainment, 2007)
Thick Passage, leads vocals, violin – Monika Fikerle, vocals, bass, drums – Evelyn Morris, vocals, bass, drums – Ben Butcher, vocals, guitar.

07 BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER“Paesaggi Domestici” – Previously unreleased.
written + performed by Paul Beauchamp: synth, musical saw – Marco Milanesio: electronics – Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo: seeds, paper, water, electric piano
recorded+mixed+mastered by Marco Milanesio @ O.F.F., Torino, italy,
( c ) Blind Cave Salamander, 2010

08 BOB CORN“O Dolores !” from From The Wooden Floor (Fooltribe Records, 2009). Live version recorded at Sonotone, Mont de Marsan, France. October 12th, 2009.

09 CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI“Woods” – Previously unreleased. Recorded in september 2010 in Berlin. Written and performed by Claudio Rocchetti

10 FATHER MURPHY feat. DADA TRASH COLLAGE“You Got Worry” from No Room For The Weak (Aagoo/Boring Machines ep 2010). Live version recorded at Pop Montreal 2010.

11 G.I.JOE“Voltron” – Previously unreleased. Recorded at XM24, Bologna, summer 2008.
Alessandro De Zan: bass, vocals – Riccardo Biondetti: drums

Anton Maiof : vocals, electronics, programming – Steve James: electronics – Ganiel Seruu: guitar, devices. Recorded between Bristol and Berlin 2010. Mixed in Berlin by Anton Maiof 2010. Originally released as part of the THRE.EP by Splatterkore Records 2010.

13 GHOST TO FALCO“Secrets of the Free” from the album Exotic Believers (Infinite Front, 2010)

14 GOLDEN CUP“Improvisation pt.3/4” – Previously unreleased. Recorded at Cavalo Branco, Porto, February 11-15, 2010. Mixed summer 2010. Luca Massolin: electric mandolin, electronics, harmonica – Maurizio Abate: electric organ

15 MARISSA NADLER“The Killing Moon” – Previously unreleased. Recorded by Marissa Nadler, October, 2010. Marissa Nadler: guitar and vocals. Original song written by Echo and the Bunnymen.

16 LARRY YES“Seal In The Sunshine” – Previously unreleased. Recorded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, by Zac Stanley. Lana Rebel: guitar and vocals – Adam Sullivan: piano – Kevin Michael Mayfield: Saw – Ivy Green, Sare Rain, Nate Lumbard and Thee Yogoman Burnband: back up vocals – Larry Yes: vocals, guitar, bongo. >>>> thee yogoman burningband i send you peace and love and a little blessing from portl;and!!!

Disc 2
“Chains” from Failing Songs (Ici D’ailleurs / Acuarela, 2006). Lyrics and music by Matt Elliott. All instruments by Matt Elliott except violins by Patricia Arguelles Martinez and drums by Chris Cole.

02 MICAH BLUE SMALDONE“Red River Blues”. Recorded for VPRO Dwars, Amsterdam 23 May 2009. Traditional, adapted by Micah Blue Smaldone. Previously unreleased.

03 MUGGLESTONE REVUE featuring MARGARETH KAMMERER“If I Were A Carpenter” from Mugglestone Revue featuring Margareth Kammerer (7″ – VAL4501, 2010). Recorded & produced by Tito 2008. Original song written by Tim Hardin

04 NO-NECK BLUES BAND“Four Head Food” from Nine for Victor (Victo Records, 2006). Recorded live at 23rd Festival International De Musique Actuelle, 21st May 2005 in Victoriaville.

05 OvO“Nosferatu” – Previously unreleased. Recorded and mastered by Boris Wilsdorf at andereBaustelle tonstudio, Berlin, 2009. Stefania Pedretti: vocals, guitar – Bruno Dorella: floortom, snare, ride.

06 PEEESSEYE“Stay Positive, Asshole” from Commuting Between the Surface & The Underworld (Evolving Ear, 2006). Peeesseye is Jaime Fennelly, Chris Forsyth & Fritz Welch.

07 RENATO RINALDI“We Are Just Coming Back From The World” – Previously unreleased. Recorded in 2004 – Renato Rinaldi: guitar, prepared piano and vocals.

08 ROLLERBALL “Jehova” – Previously unreleased. Mae Starr: keyboard and voice – Monte Trent Allen: bass – Gilles: drums. Recorded by Spit Stix july 2010.

09 RON ANDERSON“Oud And Lap Slide Guitar” – Previously unreleased. Recorded in Brooklyn, NY in 2006. Written and performed by Ron Anderson

10 STANLEY KUBI“He loves as a bird sings …And A Rose Blows From Nature” from the album LP/CD “Music By” released in June 2007 by !aNGRr! and The Company With The Golden Arm. Composed & performed by Stanley Kubi. Recorded between January & May 2007 at Studio “Le Pressoir”, Bourré (41) by Lionel Wendover. Copywrong (2007) Folk You (!) Line-Up on this chansong = Trax Bullingdon: epinette des Vosges – Pak Grogan: guitar – Igor Potzdorf: piano & bass – Morej Runt: drums – Syl Quin: trombone – Mac Lydon: microphone.

11 STEFANO PILIA“Or The Cradle” from Last Days (8mm Records, 2008). Written and performed by Stefano Pilia.

12 SUDDEN ENSEMBLE“Under The Red Lights” from the forthcoming album Sudden Ensemble Play The Ciphers. Recorded in 2010. Written and performed by Wayne Garcia and Doreen Kirchner

13 UNITED LIGHT“Yellow Ohio” – Previously unreleased. Recorded in in the fall of 2006 in Leeds, United Kingdom at FLOWERHOUSE, by Mick Flower. Mick Flower: guitar – Tom Greenwood: guitar / voice – John Moloney: drums
p+c united light 2010
lyrics p+c t. greenwood 2010

14 THIS IS MY CONDITION AND DAN KOZAK“This Mission” from This Mission (self-released, 2008)
This Is My Condition is Craig Comstock: drums and guitar. Dan Kozak: saxophones, flute and more. Captured live by Ed Rose at Black Lodge Studio in Eudora, Kansas.

15 TARAS BUL’BA“Khyber Pass” from Secrets Chimiques (Wallace Records, 2008). RC: bass – AS: guitar – RS: drums’ba’ba

16 ZU“Observing The Armies In The Battlefield” from Observing The Armies In The Battlefield (7″ – Implied Sound, 2007). Jacopo Battaglia: drums – Luca T. Mai: baritone saxophone – Massimo Pupillo: bass. Recorded By, Mixed By, Synthesizer, Sampler: Reeks. Turntables, Sampler: Økapi. Recorded and mixed at Hombrelobo (Rome, Italy).

17 TOPMODEL“Sweet Violence”– Previously unreleased. Recorded live at Topmodel Studio 9th March 2009, Berlin. Magnus Schaefer: keyboards – Mireia Guzman: voice – Rinus van Alebeek: keyboards

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